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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil (1155)

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Tea Tree Oil is obtained not from tea leaves, but from the leaves of myrtle trees and Melaleuca bushes. They grow in Malaysia, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The oil solution is very concentrated, thus it may be applied only externally. However, even with external application special precautions must be taken, especially for sensitive skin.

Science began studying the properties of Tea Tree Oil in the early 20th century. Their studies found that antiseptic activity was 100 times stronger than carbolic acid, but at the same time it was harmless to humans. In 1937 another fantastic property of the oil was discovered: its antiseptic properties which increased by 10-20% in the presence of blood and other organic substances.

Presently, Tea Tree Oil is used as a broad-spectrum antiseptic. According to U.S. researchers, "this antiseptic product with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties is able to fight almost any disease: from bald ringworm to nail fungus." The composition of Tea Tree Oil is a balanced combination of 50 active components with therapeutic benefits for the skin.

Tea Tree Oil is effective for acute and chronic dermatitis. It has a regenerative effect, reduces irritation, swelling, itching, redness, herpes, and acne. It is used as daily care for oily skin as well as for cases of dandruff, hair loss, and warts. Due to the high penetrating power of Tea Tree Oil it works on the skin as well as inside the skin all at the same time.

It should be noted that Tea Tree Oil has an effect only on diseased skin, improves skin growth and the renewal of skin cells. Even if the disease of the skin is caused by parasites (lice and itch mites), this oil provides long-term positive effects.

Due to the healing properties of Tea Tree Oil it is beneficial for the treatment of various muscle and joint injuries, sprains and strains, cuts, bruises, and burns. It relieves the pain, disinfects the affected area and promotes the healing of wounds, especially abscessed ones. Moreover, by suppressing the damage causing by various microorganisms, bacteria and fungus, Tea Tree Oil shows excellent antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

And, of course, a warm bath with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil has a fantastic relaxing effect, improving tone and immunity.


100% Pure Tea Tree oil.

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