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Healthy 30+ (17251)

Healthy 30+ (17251) (17251)

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480 g
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United States

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Healthy 30+ is an essential product for this particular age group. It is a known fact that after 30 our bodies produce less amino acids; in particular arginine. This triggers the process of aging.

Healthy 30+ is a dietary supplement that compensates for this deficiency by supplying essential amino acids and vitamins, thus preventing premature aging, normalizing metabolism, and maintaining youthfulness and health.

Healthy 30+ product is developed for metabolism optimization.

This supplement is a source of essential vitamins and amino acids.

It prevents the premature aging process and is beneficial for overall health.

This antioxidant protects you from negative environmental factors.

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 Ca-Mg Complex
90 tablets
Exp: 06.2019
 Omega 3-6-9
60 gelatin capsules

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