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KOR Sport Water Bottle

"KOR Sport Water Bottle - 700mL (blue-turquoise) (700680)

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This bottle is technically engineered to optimize hydration during exercise. One-push, one-hand button reveals ergonomic spout. No biting, no tilting, no spout exposed to germs. Sport’s Easy-Flow spout and straw chamber speed flow from bottle to body, allowing you to save your energy for the workout.

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• Cushioned Base protects furniture and prevents slipping on flat surfaces.

• Easy flow technology eliminates squeezing , biting and sucking. Simply sip like a straw.

• Ergo Comfort design is sleek, comfortable to hold and makes carrying a breeze.

• Hygienic Spout means your cap is completely protected from the outside when not used.

• No-Worry Cap swivels open with a press of a button, then stays out of your way.

• PerfectFit Mouthpiece is designed to rest naturally on your lips for comfortable sipping.

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