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GoBox mini container, red

GoBox mini container, red (70219)

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GoBox mini is the best way to take healthcare products with you if you go for a trip or to work.

It is easy to put this all-purpose and space effective yet capacious container into a bag, vanity case or even pocket. The design is circumspected in such a way that each of eight partitions opens independently, and the transparent top makes it possible to see the contents without excessive opening. One more spacious and completely light-resistant partition is provided, where one can put sachets, stick packages and other goods which require special storage conditions.

With GoBox mini all the most important things are always with you.

Size: 10 х 6.5 х 3.5 cm

Color: yellow, red, green, light blue, grey

Material: polypropylene.

It is a durable, chemically stable, frostproof material which is safe for keeping foodstuffs.

Warranty: 6 months

Shelf stable.

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