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Healthy Gut is a set of products designed to cleanse and restore your intestinal flora. It is allocated for 30 days and divided into 3 phases:  cleansing, restoration and normalization.

Each phase is designed to work together with specific dietary recommendations.

1st Phase (days 1 to 10) – cleansing of the gut, improvement of bowel functions. Process of detoxification is activated, toxins, parasites (helminths) are released from the body.

Products: Super-Flora, Zaferan, Black Walnut Leaves, Papaya, Coral Alfalfa, Coral Lecithin, Coral Burdock Root, Cascara Sagrada, Coral Carnitine.

2nd Phase (days11 to 20) - restoration of healthy microflora, improved digestion and nutrient intake. Activation of the intestine secretory function.

Products: Super-Flora, Zaferan, Coral Lecithin, Assimilator, Coral Artichoke, Coral Magnesium, AquaOx.

3rd Phase (days 21 to 30) Normalization of the digestive function, restoration of intestinal microflora. The vitamin-mineral balance is improved, metabolic processes are normalized.

Products: Super-Flora, Papaya, Coral Alfalfa, Coral Magnesium, Coral Taurine, Omega 3/60, MSM, Spirulina Tablets.

It is recommended to drink a minimum of 1.5 L of water with Coral Mine every day during the Healthy Gut and follow general dietary guidelines. Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before and 1.5-hours after a meal. Drinking water is necessary for water-salt and acid-alkaline balances and is beneficial for digestive system functions.

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