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Alive powdered laundry detergent

Alive concentrated laundry detergent for whites and colors (81103)

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Ultra concentrated laundry detergent is equally suitable for hand and machine washing. It effectively works in hard and soft water. The detergent is safe for all washable fabrics (whites and colors, natural or synthetic), except silk and wool.

Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate <40%, sodium hydrocarbonate 15-30%, zeolites 15-30%, anionic surfactants 5-15%, non-ioniques surfactants 5-15%, sodium sulfate 5-10%, sodium metasilicate <4%, enzymes (alpha-amilase, protease) <3%, silica <3%, resorbent (CMC) <3%

Removes stains from oil, grease, starch, grass, blood, coffee, tea, wine, etc.

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 Alive destainer/deodorizer
2.5 LB (1.13 kg)

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