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Coral Black Walnut

Coral Black Walnut (91643)

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This product is an effective remedy based on natural ingredients, with anti-parasitic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The active ingredients in this product are effective in acute and chronic parasitic invasion, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, during weight loss, cleansing, and healing.


The product has anti-parasitic effect. It has positive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Can be used as a laxative.


Juglone contained in black walnut is a very valuable ingredient, with a distinct antibacterial activity. It fights pathogenic yeast like Candida, normalizes the function of the intestinal tract, and acts as a stool softener.

Wormwood is known for improving appetite, regulating general pancreas and gastrointestinal tract functions, and for acting as a gallbladder stimulator. When used together with black walnut, wormwood produces anti-parasitic effect by preventing the proliferation of round worms and pinworms.

Powdered coral is an effective natural sorbent. It is capable of absorbing toxins and allergens and promoting their speedy elimination.


Take two tablets twice a day with a meal.

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Black Walnut Hull Extract, Black Walnut Leaves, Sweet Wormwood Extract, Coral powder

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