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OpiStop is an exclusive and effective plant-based formula that protects the body from the dangers of parasitic disease caused by Siberian liver fluke or Southeast Asian liver fluke. This unique formula has triple-action properties (antiparasitic, increasing bile in the liver, and an emollient) which fight parasites without disrupting the normal function of the digestive system.


•  fights parasites •  improves digestive tract functioning and overall health
•  reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract
•  boosts metabolism


Take two capsules two times a day with a meal.


Rose hips, Long Pepper, Yarrow and Licorice have a restorative effect. They improve metabolism and normalize gastrointestinal tract functioning.

These ingredients have a highly beneficial effect on the liver and gall bladder; and are known to promote bile excretion.

They help restore cells of intestinal mucosa. Yarrow promotes cleansing of the body by removing excess liquids and toxins.

Aspen and Tansy are potent anti-parasitic ingredients, and are particularly beneficial in cases of opisthorchosis. They boost efficacy and normalize the gastrointestinal tract functions and tone up the muscles of the digestive tract.

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