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Coral Protein Bar

Coral Protein Bar (91686)

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Bar 46 g
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Coral Protein Bar is a new health food product.

Coral Protein Bar does not contain any preservatives, artificial colorings, or flavors. This product is recommended for everyone who maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Though this bar is slightly heavier than the other bars (46 g) it has less calories (170), but significantly more digestible protein (9 g).


The bar helps replenish energy reserves and is a source of valuable vegetal protein.

It strengthens immunity, rejuvenates, and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It improves digestion and metabolism.


Brown rice is a source of readily available protein and fiber. It is hypoallergenic and is a major source of balanced essential amino acids. It is highly beneficial for the nervous system and digestive tract.

Flax sprouts are the source of omega-3 fatty acids, the vitamins and minerals. They help reduce cholesterol level in the blood, have beneficial effect on the immune and cardiovascular systems, support vision, and slow down the process of aging.

Almonds contain the most essential antioxidant - vitamin E. In spite of their high-calorie content almonds contribute to weight loss, as some of the fats are excreted, bypassing the stage of digestion and absorption.

Cranberries are rich in vitamins C, E, PP, K, and B group vitamins, in minerals, organic acids of fruit origin, polysaccharides, and in flavonoids. They have a beneficial effect on almost all processes of metabolism.

Agave fructans contribute to strengthening of bone tissue. Dates are far more than a natural sweetener due to their rich content of vitamins and fiber.

The combination of cranberries and chocolate chips gives this bar a very special taste.


This health food bar is beneficial for the entire family. It is indispensable if you are into sports and is highly recommended to promote mental clarity and focus. This supplement also helps to achieve weight loss goals.

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rice protein, agave syrup, date paste, almond butter, chocolate chips, cranberry berries and powder juice, seeds of flax, sesame seeds

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