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Neitronik MG-04M

Neitronik MG-04M (91753)

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Neitronik MG-04 and MG-04M are designed to protect you from radiation coming from personal computers (PC) and TVs (displays).

Neitronik MG-04M is based on a principle of neutralizing harmful radiation generated by monitor screens. The average electromagnetic field is measured up to 50 cm from the screen, and the electric component is recorded at up to 10 m or more. MG-04M (with a passive antenna) is based on the principle of EMF neutralization, i.e. the property of the crystalline structure to convert and re-emit the field’s energy, thereby reducing intensity of the EMF.

Neitronik MG-04M starts working when your PC monitor or TV is turned on, using its retrodirective antenna to neutralize the three components of the radiation field from PC and TV screens by 2-3 times and reducing the static electricity field by about 2 times (by distance from the monitor) or by 4 times (by area).

General Product Information

Neitronik is a personal protection device shielding you from electromagnetic radiation. It is designed for use around personal computers, televisions, radios, mobile phones, microwave ovens, monitors with LCD and plasma screens.

Neitronik has a special antenna measuring 15х45х0,6 mm. The crystal lattice of the antenna has the crystalline properties whereby it absorbs and converts the electromagnetic energy. Activated by the emitting device, the antenna creates its own field which interacting with the incoming waves and converting its spectrum into a form that is safe for humans.

The device reduces the electromagnetic load on the human body to a safe level. In the first few hours after installation, it reduces the electromagnetic field by about half (by distance from the monitor) by three quarters (by area).

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