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Coral Magnesium

Coral Magnesium (91881)

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A mineral complex Coral Magnesium contains magnesium glycinate and magnesium taurate. This dietary supplement actively supports cardiovascular health and neuromuscular tissue function.

The product contributes to the synthesis of enzymes, it normalizes metabolism, and actively regulates the calcium and sodium balance on a cellular level.


•  Supports cardiovascular system function and vascular health;
•   is of major importance for musculoskeletal systems and is especially beneficial for bone tissue strength;

normalizes enzyme synthesis, the metabolism of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids;

•  stimulates the production of ATP and is especially recommended for increasing endurance of physical and nervous stress;
•  promotes normal function of the immune system.


Coral Magnesium dietary supplement is a specially designed mineral complex containing Magnesium taurate (an organic compound of taurine amino acid) and glycinate (organic compound of glycine amino acid).

Such organic forms of magnesium are especially beneficial due to synergetic effects of these combined ingredients that magnify their benefits.

Glycine and magnesium contribute to the improvement of blood flow to the brain, thus preventing premature aging.

Synergy of taurine and magnesium boosts energy and nurtures cells.

In general this product contributes to cardiovascular health and normalizes neuromuscular tissue functions.


Take one capsule twice a day with a meal.

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